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Myles Pedlar: exploring gender, sexuality and body image with photography

‘Fragments of the Physical’ by Myles Pedlar is reflective of their own catharsis of gender confines which is visually cued by the fluid forms their models are shaped to. It is unclear where a body begins and where it ends, therefore they become infinite. The abstraction of the human form is attained with distorting objects-blown glass and mirror; emphasising both anonymity, ambiguity.

Genderless bodies. Free of objectification. The power of flesh, skin and bones comes to the fore via their faceless nature acting as a mediator of comparison. This abstraction lends itself to addressing sex, gender and identity politics. Abstraction. Contortion. Warping. The complexities of gender identity.

The dysmorphia with which we oftentimes view our own bodies and the frustration of struggles with identity is spoken about through the photographic medium. Slices of physicality become inherently innocent due to intervention with objects of distortion, no longer laced with sexuality. ‘Fragments of the Physical’ becomes a celebration of the sleeves that carry our souls.

By abstracting the human form, my work aims to give an authentic and unconventional representation of nakedness, whilst visually depicting having a warped perception of your own physical form. The abstraction throughout my imagery manifests in the contorted forms. Key themes explored throughout my work are gender, sexuality and body image. With a desire to challenge the constricting societal norms of these key themes, I shape harmonious and often grotesque forms. This allows myself and my subjects to have control over how the human form is represented in our society.

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