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ColabNowNow // An exploration of collaboration and art making

British Council Connect ZA has put together an experimental programme titled ColabNowNow as a way to bring together artists and storytellers from various disciplines to explore collaborative processes and art making. Participants were selected from South, East and West Africa as well as the UK to be part of the programme as a way to emphasize learning, networking and making. The participants will be guided by the curator of the programme, Kenyan digital artist and writer Jepchumba.

The culmination of their work of the 10 day programme will be showcased as part of the Fak’ugesi Bloc Party on the 16th of September.

The 15 participants have been broken down into 5 storytellers and 10 artists. Along with being encouraged to work with the artists, the storytellers will document and engage in the collaborative activities of the artists, telling the story to audiences in their respective countries. These include writers, photographers, videographers, and vloggers.

The 10 artists all work in some way within the digital realm as visual artists, architects, programmers, sound artists, performers and animators.

Jepchumba explains that the project “unleashes the best skilled, dangerous minds from Africa to re-imagine future forms of African storytelling by creating an interactive and immersive experience. 10 artists and 5 storytellers from West, East, Southern Africa and UK with multi-disciplinary talents will explore the creation of narratives in a post-screen, post digital world where non-linear is replaced by multi-linear, multi-modal, multi-layered and multi-access; content is scalable both fixed and mobile, across surfaces, across environments, across technologies for Africa!”

The artists selection for ColabNowNow include from East Africa: Intersectional feminist and photographer Darlyne Komukama, Visual Artist John Magati and DJ, art organizer and writer Kampire Bahana. The UK artists include: Illustrator Olivia Twist, Cult Storyteller Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo and Storyteller Nikky Norton Shafau. The West African artists are: Visual Artist Papi, Visual Artist, designer and cultural activist Mukhtara Yusuf and Art Director Prince Kojo-Hilton. The Southern African selection includes: Illustrator Hugo Mendes, writer Lindokuhle Nkosi, Digital Artist Janus Fouche, Director and playwright Eliot Moleba, multidisciplinary artist Candida Merwe and lifelong art student Nyasha Madamombe.


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