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Behind Hip Naughtic Sean’s beats and new single

Did you know you can use hypnosis to raise your vibration? With that being said what does Hip Naughtic Sean raise with his vibrations? You could say the energy at dusty bashes in Alex and other townships, festivals like Back to the City, or maybe the knock of his 808s. What I’m certain of is how he managed to raise the taste level of fashion raps with the aid of the artillery of the most immaculate fashion raps this country has ever known from none other than spova gang governor uSanele. Hip Naughtic Sean’s new single ‘Splash’ is here to max out wattages on all speakers across the nation.

Practicing the craft for almost 10 years, Hip Naughtic Sean found his love for hip hop due to an unfortunate accident while playing soccer that left him paralyzed for a long period of time while he was in high school. All of the resting and healing he had to do to get him back, got him stagnant and uninspired. To sooth his sanity music came to his rescue which brought about the need to create, leading him to pick up the pen and create rhymes. He managed to find comfort and confidence when sharing his creativity with peers Richi Rich and Suupzulu through their collective YunGunz.

Fast forward to 2019, their maturity has earned them their position as power players in the Alexandra hip-hop scene. As a network, their collaborations have found them pairing up with heavyweights such as Okmalumkoolkat, uSanele, Dj Megi, Jazzi Disciples to name a few.

His latest offering sees him flexing his ‘fashion raps’ muscle as he delivers punching staccato flows. It’s about him hitting licks in the suburbs as the best dressed guy out of the township of Alexandra on top of a euphonious trap beat that doesn’t demand one to rage but to step a few times while looking exquisite.

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