Bubblegum Club mix Vol 8 by Hlasko - Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 8 by Hlasko

Just over a month ago we featured Hlasko on the cover of Bubblegum Club. He described music as “a calling” and even a process of divination. Today he opens up a portal into his future through a stirring 11-track mix which includes 5 new Hlasko productions.

For a little more insight we spoke to Hlasko about the mix and what’s influenced the development of his sound.

Why did you choose to place your tracks alongside the other songs in the mix?

The arrangement of the songs was to me an interesting way to create contrast and give a teleporting (back and forth) feel to a series on similar moods/themes expressed at different times.

There seems to be a development in your sound from ambient, drum driven patterns to more percussive rhythms – would you agree? whats influencing it?

Yes, this is a thing now for me, I feel like there is an urge to zoom in lately, I’ve become less interested in the patterns but rather into the forms within the patterns  so I guess it becomes more rhythmic, and I’ve listen to a lot more West African drum music lately.

Your tracks have always had a very spiritual feeling and some still do but there is also a more menacing feel, is this your way of reflecting or commenting on the state of the world in 2016?

Possibly may be reflecting and projecting, yes. And also 2016 has been menacing.

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