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Gifted is Toronto’s new R&B whizzkid

Toronto has become the epicentre of a new class of R&B, spawning the likes of The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, dvsn, and Majid Jordan. GiftedbyGifted has added his name to that list with his experimental mix of R&B and Afro-Caribbean fusion.

Gifted or Nathan Kyle Frederick has been obsessed with music since he was five-years-old when he played the piano. By the age of 12, he had learned how to play the baritone and trumpet. He studied in music before pursuing music full time. His new project, “Twice As Nice” is a follow up to his debut EP “All My Life” as he croons over the stages of being in love.

Gifted sits down with Bubblegum Club to talk about his new project.


Lee Nxumalo: What does this EP Twice As Nice signify for you at this point in your career?

Gifted: It signifies growth and consistency. This is my second EP release of the year and I feel confident knowing I was much more involved in the mixing of the final masters. I believe that this music is ‘Twice As Nice’ as previous work I’ve released, hence the name. I’ve always wanted to explore more musical genres and I’m very excited to finally put something out contrary to what people have heard from me in the past.

Lee Nxumalo: What is the significance of the title?

Gifted: The title of this EP signifies the evolution of my sound. Letting people know that I plan to continue striving to write better music. My goal is to outdo my last project in terms of melodies, and mixing and overall cadence.

Lee Nxumalo: Why did you want to open the EP with Stardom?

Gifted: Being of St. Lucian descent I’ve always been fascinated with Soca and Calypso music. As the EP is very Afro-Caribbean influenced, I felt it was important to first start with my roots and branch out as the project continued. Stardom does a great job of introducing my listeners to a new sound from me; preparing them for the heavier reggae influenced music to come.



Lee Nxumalo: The central focus of the album is on love. Why did you want to explore the topic of this?

Gifted: Love is universal and most people have a strong connection to it. I always try to include my listeners in my music. It allows for a deeper connection to the music and in terms of my artistry. This is why the central focus was based around love.

Lee Nxumalo: What producers did you work with and what did they bring to the table in terms of shaping the EP?

Gifted: A lot of the production on this project is from YouTube and my overall process to sourcing beats really just involves me going online and identifying a genre I like and looking for beats that suit it.


Lee Nxumalo: Which artists have influenced your infusion of different genres?

Gifted: I’m inspired by many artists. Being from Toronto it’s easy to see Drake who has constantly explored different genres in his music and so I’d say I’m most inspired by him.

Lee Nxumalo: You finish the project with Watching You. What did you want to end on that note?

Gifted: Watching you has a slow relaxed sound that felt right at the end of the project. After some high intensity reggae it made sense to me to close the project off as with the mellow finish like it started.



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