Iglooghost makes disjointed, noisy, beautiful compositions full of character

Not many artists in the 2010s can claim that their first release was on a cassette tape, but as you’ll discover for yourself, Iglooghost isn’t like most artists. The esoteric producer’s career kicked off with the release of a limited edition cassette called Treetunnels back in 2014, and it wasn’t long after that that he had an EP out with London label, Brainfeeder.

I’d assume most Bubblegum Club readers will be hip to Brainfeeder, but in case you aren’t, they work with the likes of Thundercat, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, and a limited selection of forward-thinking artists which you can check out here. An act working with Brainfeeder is usually a sign that they’re ahead of the curve and Iglooghost fits that bill.

Iglooghost makes disjointed, noisy, beautiful compositions full of character. It’s not disposable pop music, that’s for sure. A lot of what I’ve heard from Iglooghost sounds like someone who grew up on dubstep and drum & bass, and is creating his own derivative of it, without being derivative, if that makes sense?

His only music video on Youtube Clear Tamei fits in that realm quite nicely. It’s got the robots fucking noises, it’s got breakbeats and bass, but it’s also got strange melodies that are playful and experimental. If I’m honest, I had no clue what he was saying the first few times I listened- turns out it’s a made up language. Go figure. If it’s good enough for Tolkien… If you read this interview with him on Fader (I recommend that you do), you’ll see that he’s all about that mythical world building.

As for the video, it’s aesthetically intriguing throughout, with plenty of weird and colourful shit for you to feast your eyes on. It comes with a strobe warning, and for good reason, although the video isn’t all flashing lights.

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