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Introducing Lasta, a Zulu punk songbird finally flying solo

The dulcet tones that helped make ‘Boss Zonke’ a national phenomenon, that feature on Maraza’s Igesi belong to Lasta; A Zulu, neo-electronic, punk singer.

In her EPK, Lasta reveals her artistic journey and she details how she’s sung on many hooks, for many artists. And while paying dues is a part of becoming established in the industry, it is problematic that Lasta is only coming to the public eye through her solo efforts. Patriarchy is so pervasive in our society, no industry or culture is exempt, and the sustained invisibility of the women who are contributors and creators of the sounds and sights we enjoy is a symptom of male supremacy within the creative industries. In happier news, Lasta is set her drop her solo debut soon, and the first single, Alive, is sultry and sweet, a welcome refresher on romance.

Lasta’s identification and pride in being Zulu represents an important movement on the continent; with Africans claiming their culture for creative purposes while offering a representation for blackness, and Africa that is modern and multi-faceted. An important contribution to people of colour as well as Zulu people world wide.

Lasta’s EPK is featured below, enjoy getting to know her and putting a face to a beautiful voice you’ve definitely heard before.

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