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Just Pay Attention to Just Jabba

We live in an era where attention has become one of the most valuable resources. “Influencers” want it, brands want it, politicians want it, artists want it, little kids want it, you want it, I want it. And while we rake in the likes online, it’s harder than ever to actually make anyone really pay attention – to take the time to really notice the details. And to be fair, most content on the internet isn’t worth giving a second look, but if you keep scrolling past when you see the name ‘Just Jabba’ in your timeline, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Jabba is a rapper originally from Jozi who has been based in Cape Town for the last four years as he was pursuing his degree at UCT alongside making music. He sees the opportunity to work in both cities as the catalyst for some of his musical growth, “Working in the two cities really gave me a chance to explore my sound, engage and collaborate with various other artists in both cities and really begin establishing my presence in the industry.”

With a solo EP called ‘Look Up’ and an EP with Bougie Pantsula that have each racked up thousands of listens already under his belt, Jabba wants you to pay attention if you aren’t already with his latest single, aptly titled “Pay Attention”.

For a young artist on the come up, the task of making people give a damn is a monumental one. Jabba is up to the challenge though and believes that authenticity is the key. “Getting people to listen to your music is always tricky but I’ve come to find that if the music maintains the highest level of authenticity and remains organic, it becomes easier for people to pay attention.”

Coming in at 2 minutes and 17 seconds, “Pay Attention” is just a sample of what JJ can do. You’ll notice he uses a bit of a Big Sean/Nasty C flow on this one, but then if you delve into the rest of his solo catalogue, you’ll hear him switch his flow and cadence on the reg. This is different to the work he puts in with Bougie Pantsula where his flow is more consistent as that’s what the project requires. “Under Bougie Pantsula, Matt and I have established a sound that best compliments our collaborative efforts through our music and in doing so represents us both through the sound,” he explains.

“When working as Jabba however, I’ve come to find that I tend to explore and fiddle with a lot more sounds. What has been important for me however is finding the sweet spot between Jabba and Bougie Pantsula while ensuring that the quality of music remains at the highest level. So far, so good!”

So far, so good, indeed. The dude has put out some dope work so far and clearly puts a lot of thought into what he puts out, which is why you should pay attention to him in 2019. ”[In] 2019 I plan on making my mark in the music industry! Bougie’s dropping soon so that’s really exciting, and I’m working on my second EP, as well as some collaborative projects/singles with some prominent up and coming artists. It promises to be a very exciting year.”

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