Photography by Hyunwoo Min

An off-kilter fashion lens from Seoul

Hyunwoo Min is a fashion photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. Describing inspiration as something that comes from trivialities he lists his as “sunshine”, “skin”, “wind”, “cold”, “nails” and “freckles”.

A visual language that speaks true to both what is natural and what is dishevelled, fashion and people take prevalence in his imagery. Improv takes on a new meaning and the outdoors becomes a stage for his off-kilter interpretations.

Boys. The colour yellow. Grain used as a framing device. Action frozen in time. ‘cool’ yet minimalist styling. Shifts between sharp focus and blurred silhouettes. The close up becomes a fixation.

Play of light, play of texture. Saturation and shallow depth of field take prevalence

In the game of freelance photography for just under a year, his most memorable work was with Korean fashion brand The-SIRIUS which he photographed in Gangwon province where he is originally from.

Speaking to the creative industry in Seoul, Hyunwoo explains that it is not the easiest space to flourish in as a creative expressing that regardless, he believes it holds much promise for reinterpretation. He hopes to be a forerunner in this new interpretation and would like to see change within the creative space.

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