Photography by Luxolo Witvoet

Luxolo Witvoet photographs young South Africa

Spurred on by the work of photographers such as Daniella Midenge, Luxolo Witvoet decided to try photography for himself. As he progressed with image making he moved away from fashion and found his voice in expressing real stories through his images. Starting out by photographing his friends on his phone, he bought his first camera in 2016 as he became more invested in the medium.

Within the Creative Nestlings Nest Space, he found a means of exploring a variety of photographic practices that range from Malick Sidibe, Man Ray, Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, Peter Magubane to David LaChapelle. Studying Film and Television Production, film oozes into his still image construction. He expresses in an interview with Between 10 & 5,“…I began seeing it as one and the same, just that the images would be still rather than be moving.”

Shadow becomes a means of framing bodies. Luxolo’s portraits reveal intimate details about his sitters and snippets of their lives. Drawn to natural light depictions he similarly shares an affinity to black and white photography. His full-colour imagery is interestingly, softer in comparison to his black and white photos. Absorbed by human connection Luxolo wants to change perceptions of Africa on a global scale. With an interest in unpacking post-apartheid South Africa, he disseminates the socioeconomic dynamics of our young country.

Art is seen as a means to interpret and understand the world around him. “The end goal is to definitely be a beacon of hope and inspiration to the young black and coloured kids growing up in the townships, through the hardship and dysfunctionality. I want to show them that all they need to do is dream and work towards their dream. Like the Creative nestlings book, I want to prove to them that ‘they have what it takes’”, he tells Between 10 & 5.

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