Arcade Content – the guerrilla group of film and advertising

The unconstrained division of Egg films, Arcade Content, includes Leboganag Rasethaba and Kyle Lewis, multi-award winning directors who freely express, engage and entertain through their production of compelling visuals for brand films, web series, music videos and documentaries.

According to Lebo, Arcade is doing nothing more than shining a light on how epic their collective existence is, which should not be taken from granted. And rightfully so, Arcade has been reaping a lush harvest with 9 gold Midas awards, 2 gold Loeries, 2 gold Bookmark Awards, a bronze from Cannes Lions and many more.

The work produced by both Lebo and Kyle is uniquely captivating and expands the ways in which commercial storytelling can be executed.

“My big thing is representation. My work is gritty but pretty. It’s about letting people know you can have both. When we talk about a raw, guerrilla approach, you can feel the nervous energy in the boardroom, but what I’m saying is that all that realness will be beautiful, because it is. We’re not making any of this up; we’re living in an amazingly complex world that’s made up of beautiful people and their beautiful thoughts, and as people who part of it, we’re just telling that story,” Lebo explained.

Similarly, Kyle’s visual storytelling is inspired by his pride for South Africa and its people. Kyle delivers something relatable with care, respect and messaging that creates conversations of relevance to the cultural climate.

“The content we have produced paves the way for the digital landscape. We are ever-evolving and growing with our audience. We strive to create pieces that we are proud of and that we truly feel make a difference. The industry changes constantly, which means we can never sleep…” said Kyle.

From their credible, accessible and inspirational works; Riky Rick’s Fuseg music video by Kyle, Lebo’s MTV documentary, The People versus the Rainbow Nation, and their brand films for Standard Bank’s #Today campaign, their is an unmistakable finesse to their artistry.

Kyle is currently conceptualising a Nigerian music project for a campaign that will further unite Africa and the world.

Lebo’s latest music video for Mashayabhuqe KaMamba, KwaDukuza, premiered today on MTV Base today.

For Arcade Content productions, visit their website.

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