hFACTOR // Transforming art spaces and making in Lagos

hFACTOR is four beautiful souls who collaborate with people everywhere to uncover creative possibilities from under-utilised physical and conceptual spaces.

Setting out to convert spaces that have previously not been used to their full potential into creative hubs, hFACTOR works with artists and local communities to offer thought provoking services, experiences and products. Founded in 2018, the collective finds its footing in the reasoning that nothing is impossible when one creates collaboratively. The group was formed from the minds and hearts of Bubu Ogisi, Dolapo Osunsina, Tushar Hathiramani and Osione Itegboje.

Their combined efforts have been cemented in 26 Moloney, a multi-use flat and rooftop space set in the centre of Lagos Island. 26 Moloney is a space of creative expression, opening its doors for art exhibitions, screenings, DJ sets, pop-ups, live performances and parties. Apart from the aforementioned work, hFACTOR have grafted the emergence of two brands in Lagos including Streetlights Collective, and NancyWHO?!. Streetlights Collective create music, produce it and bash out live events while NancyWHO?! is a vintage clothing pop-up store that sources their products locally.

‘Untangling Lights’ is a community outreach programme which utilizes art to establish connections internationally and uplift communities. While ‘FRAT’ fosters co-curation in the form of a biennial festival – “Its aim is to develop a strong platform that fosters experimentation and advanced initiatives in contemporary art.” The collective similarly host workshops in collaboration with 16/16 residency programme.

To find out more about the work of hFACTOR attend their Exhibition & Artist Talk at M.Bassy in Hamburg on the 18th May 2019 at 19.00.

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