Bubblegum Club mix Vol 14 by Christian Pahud - Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 14 by Christian Pahud

Swiss drummer, instrumentalist and electronic producer Christian Pahud is spending a few months in Johannesburg as part of a Pro Helvetia residency. He hopes to create a mixed arts project based on the meeting between African culture and his own experiences and perspective as a Swiss artist.

Practicing as an artist for almost 20 years, he has created music for films and theatre. As a visual artist he has produced drawings and video work at exhibitions in places such as Lausanne, Zürich, New-York, Paris, Casablanca. He has created sound performances and installations and worked with a number of visual artists, musicians and choreographers.

A self-taught drummer, Pahud has also been the founder of several groups, such as Honey for Petzi, Larytta and Bombers. He also engages in experimental sound and solo projects focused within the genre of electronic music.

He will be a face to look out for at this year’s Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival, and has put together a mix which pays tribute to women who were important pioneers in the experimental and electronic world of music. This mainly includes music from the 60s and 70s. The mix also includes contemporary feminine artist who continue to push these genres forward. His own music is also included in the mix. Mainly producing rhythmical and dance music, here he shows another side to side work – ambient and abstract music.

Here is the track list (artist/track/timing):
Laurie Spiegel        “patchwork”   00′
Christian Pahud     “Storm & Destress”  3’20
Daphne Oram         “Amphitryon”   8’00
Daphne Oram         “Fireworks”  8’30
Delia Derbyshire     “Talk out”  9’04
Christian Pahud      “Sub Alpen” 9’25
Delia Derbyshire     “Liquid Energy” 10’55
Aisha Devi               “Aurat (tool)”  11’23
Else Marie Pade     “Prolog I Himeln”  13’02
Christian Pahud      “Bateau craque” 13’17
Christian Pahud      “Für Francis” 14’20
Holly Herndon         “Chorus”  18’22

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