Bubblegum Club mix Vol 18 by Smasheriico - Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 18 by Smasheriico

Smasheriico looks up to DJs like unclepartytime and DJ Speedsta with their street chic and ability to make dance floors turn up more than just a notch. His love for music persuaded him to eventually position himself behind the decks and format dancefloors by throwing down smash hit after hit from his trap, Gqom and alternative selections.

A household name in the streets, Smasheriico has been deploying heat for the kids for some time now. Making a name for himself through playing at street culture centric parties such as Cerebral, Bushkoppies’ Tracksuit Mafia, LPO festival and PRBLM to name a few.

He has gone on to produce music, with singles out featuring deKiller’Clown, Yung Killa and TCG. I had a chat with DJ/Producer Smasheriico about his skills behind the boards and decks.

What got you into djing?

I started djing at the age of 17 when I had just dropped out of school to chase my dreams of being financially independent, all my friends wanted to start rapping and I couldn’t rap, so what really got me into djing was the fact that I had a collection of music that I felt most of the youth was not exposed too and I was also driven by the fact that the power of music was a good way to bring people together. I felt that it was my duty to bring good people and good music together to enjoy good vibes.

You have a very artistic image please tell me what goes behind that?

When it comes to my image, I feel like it’s important to keep it consistent and try new looks all the time, I usually get inspired by people who are around me, and the people I spend most of my time with, from my family, my friends and the people I see when walking around Johannesburg.

What is the mix inspired by?

The mix is a commercial hip-hop invasion inspired by Johannesburg club experiences, with this mix I explore through sounds that you can relate when you’re in the mood to have fun. This mix might even have one of your favourite songs.

Describe the music you play?

I don’t really box myself into one specific genre of music that I play. But I bounce around Commercial and international Hip-Hop with a touch of Golden oldies. Some days I even play Gqom and house. So it really just depends on what space or platform is provided for me to play at.

What can we expect from you in 2019?

In 2019 you can expect to see me on a consistent number of line ups, I’m also putting my focus on my production side of music, I’ll have more singles in store as well as more beats that I have produced for other rappers, and a whole bunch of visual audio experiences. I’ve also started throwing my own nights so [there] will be more of that this year.

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