Omar Morto’s “My Body” is a Throwback to Swinging Hips -  -

Omar Morto’s “My Body” is a Throwback to Swinging Hips

According to his own press kit, Omar Morto is having the best year of his career, and it’s easy to see why. While Omar has been instrumental in building the careers of others through his role as a producer on Good Hope FM, and with his label [CAPECLUB], lately Omar has been taking big steps in his own career. After his groove-laden single “Your Voice” got featured and did solid numbers on Artzie Music’s Youtube channel in Feb, he soon followed up with his Wanted EP in April. Shortly after that, he became the first African artist to ever debut on the incredibly popular Youtube channel The Sound You Need, for a French House infused track with “Under The Sun” (which also features the talents of Albany Lore & Josh Hector).

Now he’s ending the year by dropping his single off the Wanted EP, “My Body”, a French House and Future Funk laced number that Omar describes as ’empowering’, with a focus on vocalist Hello Vinegar’s lyrical narration of finding the right someone to get down with in the club on a night out, and taking agency as a woman to find her own partner. It’s a saucy number with an oh-so-sexy sax opening the track and permeating throughout. When the chorus hits and the bass thumps, it’s hard not to just close your eyes and imagine strobes flashing around you as you lose yourself on the dance floor. It’s a throwback to when dance music was more about swinging your hips than pumping your fists, and is perfectly suited to testing out the footwork of a potential suitor. Jung Freud once said, “If he can’t dance, then he can’t fuck neither”. This is the song that proves the rule, because if he can’t dance to this, you don’t want him nowhere near your body.

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