Photography by Bantu Mahlangu

LESKA x Batuk – ‘I Got You’ video

After a meticulous brainstorming session between Manteiga, the vocalist of the Pan-African collective, Batuk and director, Adriaan Louw, the captivating video for the Afro tech single “I Got You” in collaboration with the French Electro duo, LESKA, was shot in Johannesburg.

The phrase “I got you” is charmingly echoed throughout the song, which captures the essence of the song. “It’s a song about love and support and commitment. In my rap, I echo these sentiments. Sometimes times are tough in relationships but as long as you communicate with one another, remain holding hands and keep strong, the love will survive and thrive”, says Manteiga.

These sentiments are visually represented through Regina Mathanthi and Dudu Dlangalala, the female bodybuilders who can be seen flexing their muscles, standing side-by-side and holding hands in the video. Regina and Dudu physically translate what it means to tell someone, “I got you”. Moreover, as black women, Regina and Dudu signify the strength of black womanhood.

“Those two women are phenomenal. Their inner and outer strength is truly inspiring. They were part of the video to signify support, might and power. I loved that the video allowed them to express a support and strength that is so beautifully shared between them, and between so many of us black women. Women have been and are massive support structures…in families, in homes and in relationships. Regina and Dudu are flawless symbols of this.”, says Manteiga.

LESKA also feature in the video with Manteiga. The idea was for them to explore Johannesburg’s inner city architecture with their bodies moving throughout its spaces.

“The two-circle hand symbol”, which is LESKA’s logo, was incorporated into the video and according to Manteiga, “it happened to fit perfectly for the theme of the song, two lovers linking as one.”

Manteiga resembled a goddess throughout the video thanks to stylist Manthe Ribane and her team, who put together both regal and playful looks for the shoot.

“Our collaboration was great. We are all happy with the results and look forward to collaborating again in the future”, says Manteiga.

Check out more from Batuk and LESKA on their Soundcloud accounts.

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