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The Other Records stock what their name implies

The Other Records started as a small section in a clothing store a year ago and has since morphed into a physical space. Featuring a selection of music you’d be hard-pressed to find in other shops, The Other Records specialises in primarily electronic music from all spheres. The small space is colourful and filled with records under labels such as ‘hectic’ and ‘gentle’ alongside more traditional labels such as ‘ambient’ and ‘experimental’ to make the experience more welcoming to first-time visitors.

Forming part of The Other, a catchall that encompasses The Other Records, The Other Radio, The Other Events, The Other Artists and The Other DJs, the aim is to connect people through musical experiences and tellingly the shop’s slogan is “We’re all connected”. With projects such as The Other Radio and to a certain extent their sets as The Other DJs, the aim is to spread to the type of music that you can find in The Other Records.

Selection of the shop’s stock will be done with the help of creative partners that all have a following in local music and a unique taste. These include Atiyyah Khan, Grant Jurius, Paul Waxon, Kyle Russouw, Sandiso Ngubane, Kent Fourie and Matt Hichens. As the shop grows to include a website, the personal curations will be explained, adding a personal touch to the stocking process.

With short descriptions on each record in the shop, the aim of The Other Records is to distinguish itself not only through its selections but also by giving insight into records much like in the vain of music blogs. With a small, personal listening room, the shop also gives visitors the opportunity to take a moment to connect with the music in a private space.

As such the name The Other Records is apt. Nothing about the shop reminds you of a regular recording shop experience. From its slightly hidden location just off the main street in Observatory, to its cosy interior that was once a storeroom, to the selections of records that range from techno to ambient, it is the place for the seekers of The Other.

Photography by Sarah Byram
Photography by Sarah Byram

Photography by Sarah Byram

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