Screenshots from 'Conversations' Music Video by Haich

The unsettling ambience of Haich’s ‘Conversations’

LCD displays building inch by inch of pixelated data. Grotesque, mutant like clay sculptures basking in red tones open up a peculiar night terror filled with white light reminiscent of an operating theatre from space opera cinema. An alien feeling prevails. Detachment. Then we see him in a glass case. Intersections come to mind between that of the itemization of black indigenous cultures and their religious artefacts (amongst other things) by museums- placed in pristine cases behind white walls- and that of human experimentation accentuated by the wires that are loosely posed in the display case. Does he fail to get his message across due to this barrier between him and others?

UK’s Haich (Harrison Bernard) teases with a new music video for ‘Conversations’ after the release of his debut EP Unbalanced earlier this year. It struck no particular tone but was characterized by experimentation and the amalgamation of musical genres all addressing the central theme of his work; social disorientation. This disorientation then reflects on the difficulty of living in an age where IRL and online interaction becomes all the more blurred and intertwined. In ‘Conversations’, Haich seems to be in an act of finding himself, perhaps maturing into himself and finding ways in which to ‘break’ this very real barrier to human interaction in the ‘modern’ world – not only to himself (as he is conversing with himself) but between himself and others.

The video becomes a display of immense discomfort as ambient vocals, more lively tones and sped up images of ‘faceless’ people merge into his beautiful nightmare. As experimental and purposely unpurposeful as his music is, so is this visual feast that accompanies the track.

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