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The confessional battle-cry of Lex LaFoy’s Alienation

Lex LayFoy recently dropped a powerful, confessional battle-cry against complacency and conformity in the form of Alienation, produced by Sonic Boom SA. It blazes honesty, liberated self-expression through its uncut and unabbreviated lyrics, set to the dirtiest, grimiest trap beat by AHT Gee.

The passionate uproar channels Lex LaFoy’s various incarnations, draws from her multiple processes of personal evolution in order to speak in an immediate and uncensored way to all of those battling against the sharp edges of the world, to all of those who are feeling isolated and frustrated by their inability to ‘properly’ embody preconceived notions of how a person should or shouldn’t be. The track explodes the absurdity of these imposed definitions and points to the way that they’re entirely inappropriate for the complexity of human experience. It says that it’s okay to feel estranged by these unrealistic and artificial constraints, it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling- the fact that you exist and are going through the things that you are, means that there are others like you; that there are tribes of support to be formed through our mutually difficult processes of self-definition.

Lex LayFoy is at the top of her game, and seems to be fully embracing her own power after recently leaving iFani’s label disGuiz, through which she grew exponentially and produced juicy, jaw-droppers like Sushi Dip and Flex. She’s a creative force to be reckoned with, a fierce-polymorph of unstoppable ability; from the energy of her live performances, to the immediacy of her message in Alienation– she can drop truth with the same intensity that she can drop a dance move.

Lex LaFoy is part of a powerful movement of femmes currently redefining South Africa’s music scene through the ferocity of their skills- from Gigi LaMayne to Patty Monroe, Fifi Cooper to LaFoy’s own collaborator DJ Doowap, with whom she toured Europe in 2014 as a part of the Purple Velvet International Female Hip Hop Tour. These firebrands are firmly at the wheel, making sure that there’s no such thing as a backseat for women in the industry.

Keep glued to Lex LaFoy’s Facebook Page for details about her upcoming debut album Honey Bass, set to drop in a couple of months, as well for another international tour with DJ Doowap, and for a soon-to-be-released LP, combining EDM, pop, trap, and hip hop, as part of the trio called TriGO. You can also check out her Hlanganisa Mix Tape on SoundCloud.

In the meantime, check out the video for Alienation, take strength, and know that you are not alone…

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